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Judith does not maintain a web site, but here is her Amazon buy link.
Judith's crit partners, Nora LeDuc and Jennifer The also have author web sites.

I don't have a web site right now, but you're welcome to post a "buy link."  This is my first published novel out of five manuscripts, thanks to my critique partners Nora (LeDuc) and Jennifer (Thé) for pushing me to get it done.  This genre is called "Romantic Suspense."
I’ve always liked to make up stories. I used to write Lassie stories and I loved cowboys and horses.  I like to write in the morning after breakfast and after walking (our dog) Toby. No walk, no peace. My brain is not filled with daily interruptions at that point.  Even though we've moved from NH to Florida, I keep up with my go-to critique partners.
Nora and Jennifer each have a skill that gives me a great perspective of my writing.
I am a pantser. I have a wide-open outline of what I want to happen. But the characters drive the rest of the story. Since I write suspense, I often begin the next chapter with what’s the worst thing that could happen at this point.
Thanks for your compliments on my "clever marketing"!  Yes, since my book was titled "Murder on the 4th Tee," I did take advantage of some golf courses to promote my book. I have a great number of friends and relatives who have promoted me, or I simply promote myself. For instance, I had some work done at our attorney’s office and mentioned the book with a little business card promotion. The paralegal bought the book and wanted a signature when I went back to sign the papers. Now she is suggesting it to others. The same thing happened at our bank and (laugh) at the recovery room when I had eye surgery last week.
And, Nora and Jennifer had a baseball cap with my name and the book embroidered on it, and I wear it everywhere. Quite a discussion starter! So, I think self-promotion is working. And of course, you and other writers who selflessly help each other to promote. That is very important.
There are quite a few NH influences in this book.  We know each other from NHRWA, of course, and the "art colony" is nearby.  I used the vast forests for covering up some of the crime. I did research the dairy farm history in that area, and so I was able to make up the Starre Farm and use a spring house and the cheese storage for nefarious behaviors. Having lived in the area for six years and having a forest behind my house, I just let my mind use everything available.
I grew up in New Jersey. We lived in Colorado for decades. Since I raised and showed paint horses for over twenty years, the first two manuscripts were written about horse ranches and wide-open spaces. The behaviors and beliefs of that industry along with my love of romance and mystery made it easy to come up with a story of ranchers. The first of those books is being critiqued. I hope to have it out in a few months. The second in the series I hope to have finalized by Christmas. I also have two mysteries that take place in Seattle with a ghost and sprites.
The past year has been difficult due to the death of our daughter (Georganne Luke, to whom this book is dedicated)  from an aggressive brain cancer. But we are getting on with life. I play Mah Jongg once a week. Don and I try to play golf a couple times a week. He has the Cobra to keep him busy so I can write. We also enjoy the many restaurants available to us. Every day is a beautiful gift.
And, of course, I'm still writing!

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