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Welcome to Belestria, the medieval desert city of Master Alchemist Griswald Grimm. This world was created by Bob Liddil for Sorcerer’s Apprentice Magazine. It is written at a middle-school reading level.

The Whisperwood Ordinaire, Flying Chipmunk Publishing, 2011.  On Amazon - B&N - Kobo - Publisher

A teen with the ultimate weapon. Maybe.
Chané Pili, a gypsy teenager, becomes the accidental possessor of one of the greatest magical weapons in the desert city of Belestria. His only hope to free himself of this deadly treasure lies with Master Alchemist Doctor Griswald Grimm and his apprentice, Fleet. But someone else knows that Chané is the possessor of this coveted magical item, and deadly strangers begin to appear on the street of dreams. Then Chané’s home is attacked by kidnappers, and the alchemist's friends and allies become involved as a deadly firestorm begins. Who is pursuing them? And did the creator of the ordinaire have other deadly secrets, as well?
Meet the werewolves, wizards, soldiers, and spies of Bob Liddil's world, as they step out of the pages of Sorcerer's Apprentice and into a deadly contest of magic.


The Life and Times of Griswald Grimm, Flying Chipmunk Publishing, 2014. On Amazon - B&N - Kobo - Publisher

This collection of short stories written by Linda Kepner and Bob Liddil features the same characters. These stories are reprinted from Sorcerer's Apprentice Magazine, The Little Shop of Poisons & Potions, and the Red Book.

The Whisperwood Ordinaire has enjoyed a second round of sales with the "renaissance" of classic D&D/T&T role-playing games, orchestrated by dice-rolling Dungeonmasters. This youthful audience was the original readership of
Sorcerer's Apprentice Magazine, from whence these books derived. It's delightful to see a lot of female gamers now, as well as male!

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