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Anna Blunt




Anna Blunt is a lone teenager whose sisters have met
untimely deaths, and whose stressed-out family is trying to
hang together.  She interns with the local police as a Junior
Explorer.  Following in her late sisters' footsteps, she has
discovered that she can "find things" - she is a dowser.  Now
Anna has been invited to attend an exclusive private school
near Salem, Massachusetts, on full scholarship (to become
a Salem Scholar).  Of course, academics are the most
important part of this education, but Anna finds that she is
straddling an unexpected line - the line between gifted and mundane.

The Salem Scholars, a paranormal adventure series
in three volumes:

The House of the Past
- released May 2021
Amazon - B&N - Smashwords
ISBN 978-1-5154-1908-2 (pbk)

They were the Blunt Girls.  Until two sisters disappeared, leaving
only Anna. At age 14, Anna Blunt has solved her first case with her
local police department and found her lost sisters, using methods
she can barely understand.  Now it is time for her to leave her small
town and learn how to cope with the rest of the world.  The
scholarship to Salem Academy seems ideal.  But as Anna has
learned, things are not always what they seem. Especially in
magickal Salem…

The House of the Present
- released October 2021
Amazon - B&N - Smashwords
ISBN 978-1-5154-1910-5 (pbk)

Even as she moves to Salem Village to complete her education
at Salem Academy and Salem University, young Anna Blunt’s ties
to her hometown of Winnington, Massachusetts are not broken.
She has made friends, found a career, and buried her first love.
However, when danger threatens her dearest Salem Scholars,
Anna is drawn to a far more dangerous place... by a devil she knows.

The House of the Future
- released June 2022
Amazon - B&N - Smashwords
ISBN 978-1-5154-1912-9 (pbk)

Anna Blunt has been dragged down and squeezed dry. Still
dealing with the disappearance of the man she loved - who
turned out not to be a man, after all - she receives another
assignment from Salem Academy. Her rambunctious relatives,
the Middeltens, are up to something yet again. Anna boards
a plane to chase down Walter Middelten. But something is
wrong. This is no ordinary airplane… and where does
the feisty John McGinnis fit in?

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