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Linda Tiernan Kepner has loved genre fiction - science fiction, mystery, fantasy, and romance - since she was a child, although not much was available in "serious northern" New York State.  Except for Canadian television and books available in school libraries, there was none to read - so she wrote her own.

Linda's science fiction and fantasy short stories have appeared in Absolute Magnitude magazine and anthology; Reality's Escape; Sorcerer's Apprentice; Dreams of Decadence; and the anthologies Little Shop of Poisons and Potions, The Apothecary on the Street of Dreams, The Life and Times of Griswald Grimm, Decopunk, Beyond the Ballroom, Just One Look and The Vampire Super Pack.

So far, Linda has published seventeen books: four science fiction, three romance, eight paranormal, and two fantasy fiction. These are available from their publishers (except Crimson Romance),  commercial book and e-book retailers (including your local bookstore, via their distributors), and Linda's author table at various events. A short story from the Vampire of Manhattan series, "Manhattan vs. Brooklyn," may be found in the Vampire Super Pack (2019). Linda released a contemporary romance, Peaceful Easy Feeling, in October 2020.  The Salem Scholars series featuring Anna Blunt, The House of the Past, The House of the Present, and The House of the Future were released in 2020-2022. Linda's current science fiction story set in the "Planting Walnuts" universe, Out Far Enough, was released in September 2023.

Sometimes, Linda's stories take the "happy ever after that didn't happen" and FIX it.

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