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Combine vampires, hospital drama, and lunatic authors, and what do you get?
The Vampire of Manhattan.

A portion of the first chapter appeared in
Dreams of Decadence magazine.  
Much of the
office politics
and hospital intrigue
were inspired by places Linda has worked.

Flying Chipmunk Publishing, 2014. On Amazon - B&N - Kobo -   
Jenna McArdle, a naive Vermonter in the big city of New York, has too much on her plate already to be too disturbed by anyone else's problems. Which makes her the perfect friend and companion for a handsome doctor hiding a terrible secret. Worse yet, Jenna knows almost as much about his subject as he does: Vampires. Art imitates unlife as their worlds collide.


Flying Chipmunk Publishing, 2015. On Amazon - B&N - Kobo -
Life goes on at Good Hope Hospital and Hanford & Bogie Publishing. Smith becomes the official physician of The Vampire of Manhattan. Drinan grudgingly acquires a mentor in Brooklyn. Sniffen gallops off to Canada after a hot story. Jenna wrangles authors, editors, publishers, and the health issues of her last remaining family member, Jimmy. Then Sniffen vanishes in Canada, so Jenna goes looking for him. And also vanishes.

           Flying Chipmunk Publishing, 2016.  On Amazon - B&N - Kobo -   
The vampire fighters won their last battle, but at a cost. They are still picking up the pieces of their lives. All have scars. Then The Vampire of Manhattan returns from his self-imposed exile. He has had time to think, and has decided what he wants: Jenna. Whether Jenna says yes or no, it will be a rough ride. And there are other vampires on the fringes of the island, waiting to invade. After all, this vampire lord is a loner. But he's not alone anymore.



Flying Chipmunk Publishing, 2016. On Amazon - B&N - Kobo -
There's a new refugee in Manhattan: a sick, dispirited young magic-user who has witnessed the destruction of everything he knows, and betrayal by everyone he loves. He is being pursued. He has failed his friends. By the time he reaches Good Hope Hospital, Adam Conroy has hit bottom.
The Vampire of Manhattan and his team are familiar with the bottom. With the support of their remarkable friends and allies, including weredogs and local witches, they sort through Conroy's truths and lies to save their island once again.

Flying Chipmunk Publishing, 2017. On Amazon - B&N - Kobo -   
The Liars' Party doles out justice and watches their backs, but crises still pop up on their radar. Jenna’s boss is being stalked by a mysterious entity. Sniffen’s sister is losing her battle with cancer; he wonders about Jing, his dying sister's new "friend." The shape-shifting Dogs of Harlem actively recruit Jimmy. Conroy starts homeward while assisting Petray, the damaged priest. Drinan, unaccustomed to the strain of these worries and emotions, sets off land mines of his own. The happy ending may be in sight, but it will be a fight to get there!

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