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2015-2017 releases include Vale of Vampires, Living With Vampires, and Vampires And Magicians (novels), and Quicksilver (short story in Decopunk), as well as re-release of The Life and Times of Griswald Grimm (Kepner & Liddil), and Second Chance (in the Beyond the Ballroom e-bundle). Second Chance Sister was re-released in Crimson Romance's Just One Look e-bundle; and the final Vampire of Manhattan novel, Phantasms and Vampires, was released on Friday, October 13, 2017.

Published Works

Short stories:

  • Planting Walnuts, Absolute Magnitude, Summer 1995. Reprinted in Absolute Magnitude anthology, Tor Books, 1996. Also, 2014.

  • Deep Walnuts, Absolute Magnitude
  • Stake and Onions, Dreams of Decadence
  • Lord Peter, Reality's Escape, 1999.
  • Sri Karnuth, Apothecary on the Street of Dreams, 1997.
  • Les Jumeaux/The Twins, Ad Hoc Monadnock Online, 2010.
  • Quicksilver, Decopunk, Pink Narcissus Press, 2015.


  • Play the Game, Flying Chipmunk Publishing, 2009.

  • The Whisperwood Ordinaire, Flying Chipmunk Publishing, 2011.

  • Second Chance, Crimson Romance/Adams Media, 2012. Also reprinted in the Timeless Passion (2015) and the Beyond the Ballroom (2016) e-bundles from Crimson Romance.

  • Planting Walnuts, Flying Chipmunk Publishing, 2013.

  • Second Chance Sister, Crimson Romance, 2013. Also reprinted in the Just One Look (2017) e-bundle from Crimson Romance.

  • The Life and Times of Griswald Grimm, (short stories with Bob Liddil), Flying Chipmunk Publishing, 2014.

  • Loving the Vampire, Flying Chipmunk Publishing, 2014.

  • Vale of Vampires, Flying Chipmunk Publishing, 2015.

  • Living With Vampires, Flying Chipmunk Publishing, 2015.

  • Magicians And Vampires, Flying Chipmunk Publishing, 2016.

  • Phantasms and Vampires, Flying Chipmunk Publishing, 2017.

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