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Play the Game

Published 2000.  ISBN 978-16049-481-2 (pbk), $9.99.

     Archie recognized the signs of executive temperament when he saw them, and pulled back. "There's more to this racket than we thought. Let Robinson show you what he's got. I think he's one hundred per cent right," Archie told Gennaro. "You must let --"
    Robinson's hand went to his holster. "What's that?"
    Archie realized he'd been ignoring a background noise. With a sinking heart, he knew he'd ignored it because it was a sound he associated with the ordinary buzz of the Gee-9 lab, with virtual war games that did not interest him: the zat, crack, thung of weaponry.

    Robinson recognized it, too, and moved. "Behind the bar," he ordered the two Gamemasters, turning toward the door with his gun drawn.
    The door smashed inward. Archie saw weapons. Security personnel jumped into action. Archie closed his eyes, threw himself against Gee and knocked him behind the rude wooden bar. There was the deafening sound of weapons fire, a burnt smell, noises of men yelling - and the grunt of men being hit. Blinding flashes of light coruscated about the room.
    The bar wasn't much cover at all. Archie knew it. No miracle would save them.
    "Max -" said Archie, too late. A final bright blast knocked him into unconsciousness.

   Play the Game was Linda's first novel, which progressed chapter by chapter through the WWF, Wilton Writers Forum. The original idea came from observation of the Instant Software Lab at Wayne Green Inc.
   Flying Chipmunk Publishing originally used this manuscript to test their electronic connections to their printing and sales venues. PTG began active sales at the same time Linda's second novel,
The Whisperwood Ordinaire, was released.

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