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Planting Walnuts

Flying Chipmunk Publishing, 2013. ISBN 978-1-61720-434-0(pbk). $15.95.

John Brannon, ex-Confederation Space Fleet Marine, blacklisted and broke, dodges an arrest warrant by joining an operation that needs money desperately enough to take the worst survey jobs on the books. Brannon's goal is to keep them all alive long enough to pick up his share of the profits. But they aren't the only ones getting an education out of this adventure.

Planting Walnuts was a joy to write and a long-cultivated project that produced many off-shoots. It originally appeared as a short story in Absolute Magnitude magazine and was reprinted in the Absolute Magnitude anthology. The short story was also reprinted in the online magazine  The novel-length manuscript was partially workshopped at Viable Paradise 9. It helped generate the characters of the Second Chance romance series as well as forthcoming books featuring Station Saint-Sebastien-des-Etoiles (working title: Out Far Enough). PW is a long book (377+ pages), originally designed as serial adventures.


"We received more fan mail for this story than for anything else we have ever published." - Warren Lapine, Absolute Magnitude

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